Differences Between Pressure Cooker and Pressure Canner

Either a pressure cooker or the pressure canner is applicable in pressure cooking purposes. They are both used in kitchen to cook with various results. They have an increased efficiency in saving energy as well as time during cooking purposes. However, they offer different results. They also operate in different ways during cooking purposes. Having stated that, it is worth making a comprehensive comparison between both products in order to evaluate which is the best for you.

1. Pressure Cooker

Differences Between Pressure Cooker and Pressure Canner

The product features a stove top or an electric appliance. It uses pressure accumulated inside to cook different foods. The pressure cooker used to cook other normal foods. This makes it an energy-efficient appliance through enhancing considerable conservation of energy in the kitchen.

The cooker offers various types of foods in the kitchen. These foods include: meat, chicken, pasta sauces, and rice among many other food types. It uses heated pressure accumulated in the pot by the locking lid to cook these foods. The pressure cooker has valves on the lid. It allows you to easily cook different foods with their pressure cooking requirements.

The product serves as a heavy duty appliance. With its ability to cook many different types of foods, it is easily applicable in the kitchen for food preparation purposes. It can also be sued for warming food or keeping it warm for a period of time. The locking lid and the vent spaces allow the passage of steam and pressure to regulate cooking purposes.

The pressure inside the pot is used to raise the temperature above the foods’ boiling points. This increases the speed at which food cooks with. Also, the locking lid prevents escape of pressure from the pot while the vent releases steam from the foods. Pressure sustains the temperature while cooking or warming foods.

2. Pressure Canner

Differences Between Pressure Cooker and Pressure Canner

Pressure canner has for long prepared home canning foods of various types. Like the pressure cooker, the canner has a valve on the locking lid. However, its valve is only used to regulate pressure while preparing foods with high acidic content. Therefore, its valve is not used in the same way as that of the cooker.
A pressure canner comes in a larger size than the pressure cooker. It is also fitted with a dial gauge or a weight gauge. It instructs you on whether to reduce the pressure or not to.

With high pressure inside the pot, temperature is increased above boiling point. This heats the food materials inside the pot. Normally, the pressure canner operates at 240 degrees. This temperature is sufficient for destroying the bacteria and other foreign materials which may be in the food.


Both canner and cooker use pressure to increase temperature while conducting their various food preparation processes. However, they vary in operation and also in their operation and also in their sizes. It is therefore important that one understands their differences as well as their similarities. In addition to that, reading the manufacturers notes will come in handy in giving more information about the same.