Types of Water: Which Is The Best for Health?

Types of Water

There are many different types of drinking water in the market today. All these types of water have different effects on the body in different ways. It is common knowledge that 80% of the body is made up of water. The following are some of the types of drinking water available in the market.

i. Mineralized Water

This is water from a natural source. This water contains water salts and other minerals. Traditionally, this water was taken at the source. Due to the need for the water to be taken to the consumers, it is bottled at the source and then stocked in retail outlets.

ii. Distilled

Most of the impurities in distilled water are removed by boiling water and then condensing the steam. Drinking of distilled water is usually recommended in places where water is not potable.

iii. Filtered Water

Filtration of water is usually done to remove toxins such as chlorine. This problem is however not effective enough to remove other toxins such as fluoride. When fluoride appears in high quantities, water becomes unsuitable for use.

iv. Ionized Water

When water goes through the ionization process, 70% alkaline and 30% acid water is produced. The alkaline water is used for drinking while the remaining 30% acidic water is used for external purposes or discarded.

Advantages of Ionized Water

Types of Water

Ionized water is the best type of drinking water for the consumer’s health for the following reasons.

a. Detoxifies the Body

This water reduces the amount of accumulated acid waste in the body owing to its alkalinity. Ionizers have different levels of alkalinity. This means that the user has the option to gradually build up the level of alkalinity in their ionized water. This gradual build up is necessary when detoxifying the acids since starting with water too high can stress the system during the detoxification process.

b. It is More Hydrating

Ionized water is six times more hydrating than conventional water. This is because the water molecule has been reduced in size easing absorption. The ionization process also changes the shape of the water molecule to hexagonal the shape makes it possible for the water to penetrate the tissue more easily. This water is also repairs the damage caused by free radical effects on the body. This is because the water acts as an antioxidant.

c. It Brings Out the Natural Taste of Food

The reduced acidity means that when ionized water is used for cooking, the food retains its natural taste. When fruit juice is reconstituted using ionized water, it tastes much better since it brings out natural fruit taste. The natural taste encourages people to drink fruit juice which is healthy.

d. Tastes Better

Many people know about the importance of drinking water. Drinking the water is difficult to some owing to the taste of water. Ionized water is tastes better which encourages consumption of water for better health.


There is a big number of people all over the world who take their water directly from the source. The sources could be rivers or streams. The quality of water from a spring or river has depends on the environment surrounding the source. Such a water should at the very least be tested for toxins to ensure that it is fit for consumption. The springs should also be protected to maintain water quality.